About Hidden Gem Guide

Hidden Gem Guide was born out of the desire to share my off-the-beaten-track travel experiences.

As most tourists gravitate towards well-known destinations like Santorini, Amsterdam and Dubrovnik, overtourism has become an ever-growing problem across the world. Yet our planet is full of unspoilt, authentic and usually more affordable hidden gem travel destinations, often just a short hop from overcrowded hotspots. In fact, if there’s anything I’ve learned in my travels it’s that countries and places usually overlooked or deemed “unsafe” are often the most exceptional and memorable (in a good way!) travel experiences.

Unlike many travel bloggers I don’t do this for a living - this is simply a passion I pursue whenever I can. Having been lucky enough to explore cultures, cuisines and nature in over 65 countries, I’ve developed a love for lesser-known destinations. Whether it’s road trips, European city breaks, bicycle tours or foodie binges, I decided it was time to share my favourite alternative and unusual travel spots with like-minded travellers.

So whether you’re looking for travel inspiration or want help planning a hidden gem itinerary, my goal is to help make your next journey a truly memorable one.

Happy travels!

About Hidden Gem Guide - Nikita